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  • Skating is STILL a Family Tradition!

    Skating is STILL a Family Tradition!

    Here's a video 'commercial' produced by the Roller Skating Association, the organization Cal Skate belongs to and partners with, showing…

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  • FunLand’s Double Rainbow!

    FunLand’s Double Rainbow!

    "It's just so beautiful, man! What does it mean?!?" Sorry, couldn't help comparing this to the viral YouTube video posted…

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  • Summer Camp Balloon Drop

    Summer Camp Balloon Drop

    DJ Drew D is getting out of the way - and for good reason. The balloon net was just opened…

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  • Roller Derby Girls in Action

    Roller Derby Girls in Action

    Here's a cool picture of our Nor Cal Roller Girls during one of our bouts here at Cal Skate. Check…

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  • Mini Golf – Hole #1

    Mini Golf – Hole #1

    Here's a picture of the starting hole of our 18-hole miniature golf course - Putters.

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  • DJ Swang’s Wobble Dance Video

    DJ Swang’s Wobble Dance Video

    Back in 2011 we had an awesome DJ - DJ Swang. This afternoon he decided to teach some of our…

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  • FunLand’s Birthday Commercial

    FunLand’s Birthday Commercial

    Want to know what a FunLand birthday party looks like? Want to see what attractions we offer for those lucky…

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  • Cal Skate’s Harlem Shake

    Cal Skate’s Harlem Shake

    Back in February of 2013, the meme craze was the Harlem Shake. Thousands of groups uploaded their take on the…

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