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The BEST birthday parties in town!

Whether it's a skating party or a miniature golfing party, we make sure the birthday child, the guests, and the parents all have a fun, hassle-free time. We proudly serve only Round Table Pizza and Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes. With over 35,000 birthday parties hosted, all those parents know - we do all the work, you have all the fun!

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Now officially the BEST for kids and families!

The Chico News and Review weekly newspaper came out with their reader's picks for their 'Best of Chico' issue. Categories ranged from art galleries, to best yoga studio, and even best mac and cheese. Cal Skate at FunLand received 2017 first place honors with 'Best place for kids to play', and was runner up to the tough-to-beat Bidwell Park in 'Best place for family fun'. So when the kids need somewhere safe and fun to play, and the family needs a break from Bidwell Park, take them to where the voters have spoken - FunLand, best in Chico!


October Calendar - National Roller Skating Month!

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Every October is one of the greatest National months of the year - that's right: National Roller Skating Month! To celebrate this awesome month we have special nights and events all month long - especially on the Saturday nights! We have Facebook night, a double glow night (rink AND golf course!), and the best - Customer Appreciation Night - FREE admission for everyone! Click the calendar to a link to a super-sized view of the calendar, or if you want to print it and stick it on your fridge. For more information, select the 'Special Events' tab at the top of the page. Happy National Roller skating Month!


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