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The BEST birthday parties in town!

Whether it's a skating party or a miniature golfing party, we make sure the birthday child, the guests, and the parents all have a fun, hassle-free time. We proudly serve only Round Table Pizza and Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes. With over 35,000 birthday parties hosted, all those parents know - we do all the work, you have all the fun!

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Welcome to the NEW funlandchico.com!

Well...almost. We're still working really hard to get this website up to 100%. The old site was unfortunately dropped when our web designer company went out of business, unknown to us. All of a sudden our site and it's contents were gone! So after a couple of temporary sites, we decided on this look and feel. We're adding content and pages - full of information - every day. Keep checking back - you might need to clear your browser's cache/cookies to see updated changes.

And as always, PLEASE call our business office if you need information not included here (yet):  (530) 343-1601



New Fall Schedule Starts Aug. 21st!

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It's hard to believe it's over, but Summer 2017 is done. Now it's time to look forward to after school skating sessions, Home School Skates on Wednesdays, birthday parties on the weekends, and everything in between. The new Fall/Winter/Spring schedule starts on Monday, August 21st and will be in effect until Summer 2018. This schedule does NOT include holidays and special events - go to the 'Upcoming Events' tab to see all of those.


Upcoming Special Events