2/19 – President’s Day Skate!

Feb. 19th - President's Day Skate!

It's a 4-day weekend, and I'm sure you know our line by now: 'When school is OUT, FunLand is IN!' We'll have 3 4 bonus skating sessions this Monday to wrap up your 4-day weekend: Cal Bear's Breakfast Skate: 10am -1:00pm (Free donuts, OJ, and skate rental!), 1-4:00pm or 2-5:00pm for $7.75 admission. 3-5:00pm for $7.00 admission. Each additional friend or family member you bring will be only $6.00 (a Lincoln $5 bill and a Washington buck!) Skate rental extra: $2.50 for quads, $3.50 inline/Rollerblades. We'll have a money toss at 3:30pm or so - we toss buckets of coins and tokens on the skating floor - the kids grab all they can, they keep all they can grab! Some of the lucky pennies are worth a lot more - like a FREE pair of skates! Come spend this special day with your friends and family at Cal Skate, or outside at the miniature golf course and batting cages. Putters and The Dugout will be open extra hours as well: 12noon - 8:00pm. 

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